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Power supply for the Second Moscow International Festival "Circle of Light"

From September 28 to October 2, 2012 in Moscow, there was a bright and colorful event - The Second Moscow International Festival "Circle of Light". In the evenings, the most recognizable places of the capital became a platform for a spectacular multimedia show. There was Laser projection, light installations all accompanied by music!

The key idea of the festival was "Life Energy" that represented a series of rapid changes in all spheres of human life. Everything changes points of view, art, beauty, culture. The Festival showed its own vision on accomplishments and further changes and positive energy of the “Circle of Light” symbolized union of the nation and their culture, the development of art perspectives and modern technologies.

As with tradition, the large-scale opening ceremony of “Circle of Light” took place on the Red Square in the centre of the Russian capital. Such sights as The Read Square, Historical Museum, St. Basil's Cathedral, and Main Moscow Moll were involved in the ceremony. Manezh Square was commemorated with two interesting programs –the international competition of video mapping “Art-Vision” and the design on the front of the hotel "Moscow" composed of creative themes "Energy of Light” and “Energy of Victory". The key theme of the program on Krymskaya Quay was “Energy of Art”.  Festival developers used a range of techniques of lightings design, due to that, audience was treated to beauty of the "Nature of Light". The Closing Ceremony of the Festival took place on Pushkinskays Quay.

The system of energy supply of that grand event was completely automatic and was provided by POWER TECHNOLOGIES powerful generators.

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