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Services / Power supply vehicles manufacturing

Power supply vehicles manufacturing

POWER TECHNOLOGIES deals with designing and manufacturing of special mobile units of its own brand*.  All products are manufactured in accordance with customer needs among which there are mobile power units and transporters for the special equipment.

Mobile power units are units on a truck chassis, combined with diesel-generator sets to provide energy supply in hard-to-reach spots and in regions where there is no opportunity to connect to the stationary power source. Power complexes are also used for backup power systems

In creating a unique POWER TECHNOLOGIES power unit combination - engineers of the company have developed two original solutions.  The first solution reduces noise from the working DGS, saving a better DBA rating. The maximum noise of a working generator set is on the outlet of the cooling air system. So POWER TECHNOLOGIES devised cooling air through an opening in the roof of the mobile power unit. The noise of the generating set together with the new cooling air design minimizes sound to the environment.

The second original and patented solution is using of thermal insulation of valves that allows to keep the required temperature in the mobile power units low for reliable engine starting up of the Diesel-generator sets.

Another type of special automobiles manufactured by POWER TECHNOLOGIES are transporters. These products are designed for the transportation of the special equipment. This kind of transporter is an automobile chassis with special insulated van with roller shutter in the rear end and with rear hydraulic tail-lift.

POWER TECHNOLOGIES Transport manufacturers are equipped with the best examples of modern techniques, they are easy in operating, reliable and have great longevity. POWER TECHNOLOGIES uses equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers for its product. All our units and components correspond to European standards of safety and environmental regulations, so they can be used in Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States and in Europe.

* POWER TECHNOLOGIES has WMI code- the World Manufacturers Identification for automobile manufacturing with power settings, - 89.

Varshavskoe shosse, 35, build 1
117105, Moscow, Russia
Business Centre River Plaza
+7 495 785 84 00